Davidoff Oro Blanco: The Rarest Cigar Now Available


Davidoff has officially released their rarest and most expensive cigar ever: The Davidoff Oro Blanco at $500 per cigar. The Oro Blanco is a Dominican Puro, made of Dominican tobaccos of the Mao Zone that have been aged for over 12 years. The Mao zone is an area where three rivers have created such rich and unique soil.  If you haven’t caught on by now, this cigar is of impeccable quality and construction. The flavor and aroma is brilliant as well.

This masterfully crafted work of art is made of only the best tobacco they have and rolled by their most experienced supervisor rollers.  This limited cigar also brings focus to its master blender Eladio Diaz. Eladio is the chief blender for Davidoff who is being publicly recognized for this cigar whereas Henke Kelner is usually in the spotlight.

When is there a moment rare enough for Oro Blanco?  We all have rare moments in our lives that call for celebration, Are You rare enough to celebrate with the Oro Blanco?

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The Rarest Cigar for the Rarest of Moments
and the Rarest of the truly Elite Aficionados

When it takes three rivers to create a soil rich enough to grow exceptional tobaccos…
When it takes 12 years of patiently aging these tobaccos…
When it takes the skill and craft of the very best Davidoff Master Blender and a further 18 months of ageing until the cigar is at its very peak…
Then the question arises:


An Unforgettable Experience
It is difficult to put Oro Blanco into words. Oro Blanco is unforgettably balanced, elegant and refined. We invite you to discover it for yourself. When you have found a moment special enough.
Oro Blanco is the rarest cigar Davidoff has ever crafted. It is in fact so rare, that even Davidoff does not know when its master blender will be ready to release more of these remarkable cigars.

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Davidoff Oro Blanco 10'S box close up

Davidoff Oro Blanco 10'S box

New Davidoff Winston Churchill Coming Very Soon!


The Davidoff Winston Churchill is not the same as the Winston Churchill line put out by Davidoff as we currently know today.  That is the brand of old and this is something new to look forward to.  This completely new cigar line, with a new blend, look and feel.  The blend is a very diverse mix of tobaccos containing Dominican, Nicaraguan, Ecuadorian, and Mexican.  This extremely complex cigar was blended to resemble the complex man that Winston Churchill was.

Production of the old Winston Churchill cigars has been halted and the launch of the new line is set for February 2015. This is yet another brand makeover from Davidoff, who just rebranded Camacho and has announced plans to makeover the Avo brand in 2015 as well.  Davidoff is turning out some brilliant cigars–one after another, including limited editions such as Year of the Sheep.

Last December, there was a launch party of this new line, held in New York City. Randolph Churchill (Winston’s Grandson) was there to introduce the cigars along with some storytelling about Winston Churchill himself and how he truly was a complex man–being a commander, artist, statesman, aristocrat, traveller, and raconteur.




The original Winston Churchill brand was put out by Davidoff back in 2007 in conjunction with Winston Spencer-Churchill (Winston Churchill’s grandson) who passed away in 2010.  It’s evident that Davidoff hasn’t given up on the line despite it’s declining popularity which is probably due to all of the other Davidoff home runs since then including the Puro d’Oro and Nicaragua.

Davidoff Releases The 2015 Year of the Sheep


The Davidoff 2015 Year of the Sheep has just been released.  This is the third release in their tribute to the Chinese New Year.  Davidoff announced that The Year of the Sheep will be a 6 1/2 x 54 beliocoso, featuring an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, a Yamasa binder, and Dominican fillers.


The Davidoff 2015 Year of the Sheep is a medium bodied cigar offering hints of spice, chocolate, and coffee.  This highly aromatic belicoso is exceptioinally smooth, a reflection of Davidoff’s craftmanship.  Only 3,000 boxes of 8 cigars will be produced.

Davidoff offers, “As people rejoice in the dawn of a New Year, no one will look on with more contentment than the Sheep. To the Sheep, happiness is other people’s happiness. Generous of spirit, the Sheep loves to see their own love of life reflected in the faces of those around them as well as the objects and things which surround them. For the Sheep is an artist, an aficionado of beauty. Belonging to the element of Wood, the Sheep is a craftsman, fashioning a world of harmony and aesthetic pleasure. For Davidoff, the appreciation of craftsmanship which brings joy to others is what we seek to achieve with each New Year”.


The Davidoff Colorado Claro Summer Release Has Arrived


The Davidoff Colorado Claro Summer Release has arrived.  These cigars are released in limited quantities only twice a year.  In regard to taste, you can expect a rich  nutty and sweet combination. An exceptionally smooth medium bodied cigar.

The Davidoff Colorado Claro Line offers five sizes:

COLORADO CLARO ANIVERSARIO NO. 3 (6 x 50)Claro_Aniversario_3
“This popular Toro format with an elegant and harmonious blend at the beginning of the cigar starts with peppery, spicy, little nutty and roasted flavors. Soon, a soft sweetness appears that makes the cigar become rounder for a complex and balanced stimulation that is ideal for medium strong cigar smokers.”

COLORADO CLARO DOUBLE “R” (7 1/2 x 50)Claro_Double_R
The Double Robusto format crafted to give double pleasure at the beginning the cigar starts with peppery, spicy and little nutty flavors. Soon, a soft sweetness appears that makes the cigar rounder for a complex and balanced stimulation that is ideal for medium strong cigar smokers.


The Short Perfecto format is one of the most difficult cigars to roll — a true exhibition of the roller’s expertise. This luxury cigar has a harmonious blend at the beginning that starts with peppery, spicy, and nutty flavors. Soon, a soft sweetness appears that makes the cigar rounder. A complex and balanced stimulation that is ideal for medium-strong cigar smokers.


A wide ring gauge composed of 3 different Dominican fillers, a Dominican binder, and an Ecuadorian wrapper. At the beginning, the cigar starts with peppery, spicy and slightly nutty flavors. Soon, a soft sweetness appears that makes the cigar rounder — a complex and balanced stimulation ideal for medium-strong cigar smokers.

This unique Torpedo format crafted exclusively by Davidoff to allow aficionados who like thin cigars the opportunity to enjoy the complexity of a thicker one. At the beginning, the cigar starts with peppery, spicy and little nutty flavors. Soon, a soft sweetness appears that makes the cigar rounder. A complex and balanced stimulation that is ideal for medium-strong cigar smokers.

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Davidoff Royal Series


This very rare and limited series is going to be available again very soon in two great sizes: Robusto and Salomones. Only 90 boxes of 50 are produced each year, making this cigar a truly rare offering that’s perfect for special occasions.  Davidoff promotes it as just that: a cigar for celebrating life’s happiest occasions.

The strength of these beautiful cigars lies very close to that of the Puro d’Oro line.  They are medium to full, but closer to the full side.  They create flavors of cedar, wood and spices, earthiness, floral honey, and creaminess.  I especially cannot wait to try the Salomones size, which will have an ever changing flavorful experience from start to finish due to the shape’s changes in ring gauge.

Davidoff-royal-series-salomones1 Davidoff-royal-series-robusto1


Davidoff Limited Art Edition



The Davidoff Limited Art Edition Perfecto
Size: 5 15/16 x 54
Box of 10 Cigars

Wrapper: Dominican Republic
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Piloto Viso, San Vicente Mejorado Seco, Piloto Mejorado Seco, San Vicente Mejorado Viso, Vicente Mejorado Viso

“Davidoff is proud to unveil the first Limited Art Edition, featuring the works of the Davidoff Art Initiative’s first resident Dominican Artist: critically acclaimed Caribbean artist, Quisqueya Henríquez. Launched in 2012, the Davidoff Art Initiative supports contemporary art and up and coming artists from the Caribbean.

The compositions created by Henríquez for the Davidoff Limited Art Edition call to mind the intricate handcraft of cigar making and evoke the multiple phases involved in the tradition of cigar manufacturing. The richly colored images obtained from the layering of multiple photographs of tobacco leaves, create a composition that, while abstract, hints at the source materials involved in its creation.

“I have always had a mind to work with images that illustrate time and the many different steps involved in the tradition of cigar making,” said Quisqueya Henríquez, who was born in Cuba and now resides in the Dominican Republic. The finely layered images, inspired by the artist’s multiple visits to tobacco fields in the Dominican Republic, both capture the time-consuming process of cigar making and references the artist’s native Caribbean culture. One of the most persistent images throughout her prints is the image of the tobacco leaf, especially the complexity of its natural design.”

These beautiful cigars come in two different boxes, each with different artwork on the box and cigar bands.  The blend is highly complex, featuring many different types of rare and well aged Dominican tobacco. The limited quantity and shape, represent the rare and exquisite artistry and craftsmanship of what the Davidoff brand can produce.  Only a select few experienced rollers can roll the perfecto shape.  There are only 850 units made (a unit is two boxes, one of each artwork).  Part of proceeds from the Limited Art Edition benefit Davidoff Art Initiative and current/future resident artists.

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Cigar Aficionado’s #3 Cigar of the Year!


Davidoff Nicaragua scores the #3 spot on Cigar Aficionado’s 25 Best Cigars of the Year.  This cigar received a ton of press and social media attention at launch that it doesn’t surprise us much.  Davidoff has been making great quality cigars for many years and it’s about time they get some recognition for it.  (Although those recent ads in the Cigar Aficionado magazine couldn’t have hurt either)  If you have tried the Davidoff Nicaragua, you may understand why it truly did deserve a spot on that list. It’s probably the smoothest Nicaraguan cigar I’ve ever had as well as the best looking Nicaraguan wrapper I’ve ever seen.

Davidoff claims that this new line was 10 years in the making. From what they have said, Nicaraguan tobacco only now meets their quality standards.  Their standards are high indeed.  After visiting their factory and one of their farms, Davidoff puts a lot of work into what they do and every one of their cigars has been passed through hundreds of hands throughout the entire process. (142 processes roughly) Creating a new line from a region of tobacco that they never used before puts a lot of pressure on them to make it just right. 10 years is a good amount of time to make something just right.

It has been exciting to see so many new things coming from Davidoff in the past year. Between the new entire Nicaraguan line and the various limited editions that poured out of their Dominican factory, Davidoff is hitting home run after home run.  Can they sustain?  I’m very happy to sit back and watch to see, while enjoying every new cigar they make and making my “time beautifully filled” as Davidoff would say.

Here’s a look at all of Davidoff’s releases in 2013:

Davidoff Nicaragua Line
Davidoff Master’s Edition 2013 Club House Toro
Davidoff Colorado Claro Anniversario #3
Davidoff of Geneva 25th Anniversary
Davidoff Madison Ave 25th Anniversary
Davidoff Year of the Horse 2014

Davidoff Madison Ave 25th Anniversary


Davidoff’s second cigar celebrating it’s 25th year doing business in the United States of America!  (The first one being the Davidoff of Geneva 25th Anniversary) The Madison Ave store in NYC was their first store so it makes sense to name it after it.  The Madison Ave 25th Anniversary is contained in a beautiful presentation with the nicely wooden lacquered box as you can see in the photo. The cigar is just a great. I have yet to see one imperfection on these cigars and they smoke wonderfully. Medium-full body and strength and providing flavors of earthiness, coffee, and chocolate.  This has to be one of, if not the, favorite cigar of mine that I have enjoyed this year. Try one yourself and you will know why.  If you normally smoke Davidoff’s milder selections, be careful with this one. Be sure to have a full stomach before lighting this up.


Size: 6 x 50
Wrapper: Yamasa (Dominican)
Binder: Ecuadorean
Filler: Vicente & Yamasa (Dominican)

Davidoff’s Limited Year of the Horse Cigar


Continuing with the Chinese New Year theme, Davidoff is releasing the Year of the Horse. Last year’s was Year of the Snake. These specially blended cigars are highly limited with only 5,000 boxes made.  The boxes themselves are special as well. A red piano lacquered look with black felt and gold lettering makes these boxes a nice collectors item after the cigars have been enjoyed.  This year, they hold 9 cigars rather than 8, making the box price a bit higher.

Davidoff says that the year of the Horse has extra significance because it’s Zino Davidoff’s zodiac sign.  The traits of this zodiac match that of Zino and the brand he created: sophistication, humor, intelligence, and passion for travel.

Davidoff’s choice of size is quite interesting here.  The year of the Horse is a 6 x 60 Gran Toro. Perhaps it relates to the horse name.  Last year’s snake was long and thin so it makes sense that they may add this significance into the size. A large ring gauge is rare for Davidoff so it will be interesting to see how people respond to this.   The blend is complex for this cigar; made from various rich dominican tobaccos including the Yamasa wrapper which has been used in recent limited editions such as the Club House Toro and 25th Anniversary.  They say this one is fermented longer to make it darker and expel a richer aroma. The tastes include earthiness, roasted coffee, pepper, cedar, and a sweetness.

There are only 5,000 boxes made and some of which will make their way to us in December.

Size                              Gran Toro   6 x 60
Wrapper                      Yamasá
Binder                         San Vicente
Filler                           Olor Seco, San Vicente Ligero, Piloto Viso, Hybrid Seco.

Davidoff Celebrates 25 Years in the USA


The Davidoff of Geneva 25th Anniversary was made to celebrate it’s forming in 1988, which was a way for them to expand into the USA.  Using old stock of aged tobacco, they combined the popular Yamasa Wrapper which can be found on the Puro d’Oro line, with dominican filler and binder.  10 of these beauties are packed into a great looking modern box adorning a modern 25th Anniversary logo as well.

I got the chance to enjoy one of these the other day and all I can say is….WOW!   Super smooth, great flavor, and medium bodied I’d say.  The only slight problem was after half way through, the burn was not consistent and it went out a couple times. Not a big deal. Nothing a lighter can’t fix. If you get the chance to smoke one of these, absolutely take it!  Davidoff only celebrates 25 years in the USA once, and I sure am glad they are here.