The Davidoff Limited Masters Edition 2015 is Now Available


The Davidoff Limited Masters Edition 2015 is available now at  This second Masters Edition release from Davidoff features 8 cigars; 4 Robustos (5 x 52) and 4 Toro Tubos (6 x 54), both with Ecuadorian Connecticut wrappers.  Only 3,000 boxes of 8 were produced.

A unique offering from Davidoff, the 4 Toro Tubos are offered for a foursome on the course and the 4 Robustos are meant for the clubhouse after a round.  One of the robustos in the box features a gilded band, meant to be enjoyed by the winner of the foursome.


Davidoff stands for expertise and quality supported by deep heritage and craftsmanship to deliver unforgettable moments of pleasure. Limited editions are like a playground for their Master Blenders, who are free to use very rare, special, and aged tobacco to create unique and unrepeatable blends, an adventure for the senses of all aficionados. All these assets have been considered while creating the Davidoff Limited Masters Edition 2015. The roll of the green is a mystery to all. The roll of a fine cigar is no mystery to Davidoff. What better way to fill your time than with a few fairways and a fine Davidoff cigar. With the unmistakable flavor and aroma, every shot is worth taking a little more time over. Time is the ultimate luxury, fill it beautifully.


Davidoff Oro Blanco: The Rarest Cigar Now Available


Davidoff has officially released their rarest and most expensive cigar ever: The Davidoff Oro Blanco at $500 per cigar. The Oro Blanco is a Dominican Puro, made of Dominican tobaccos of the Mao Zone that have been aged for over 12 years. The Mao zone is an area where three rivers have created such rich and unique soil.  If you haven’t caught on by now, this cigar is of impeccable quality and construction. The flavor and aroma is brilliant as well.

This masterfully crafted work of art is made of only the best tobacco they have and rolled by their most experienced supervisor rollers.  This limited cigar also brings focus to its master blender Eladio Diaz. Eladio is the chief blender for Davidoff who is being publicly recognized for this cigar whereas Henke Kelner is usually in the spotlight.

When is there a moment rare enough for Oro Blanco?  We all have rare moments in our lives that call for celebration, Are You rare enough to celebrate with the Oro Blanco?

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The Rarest Cigar for the Rarest of Moments
and the Rarest of the truly Elite Aficionados

When it takes three rivers to create a soil rich enough to grow exceptional tobaccos…
When it takes 12 years of patiently aging these tobaccos…
When it takes the skill and craft of the very best Davidoff Master Blender and a further 18 months of ageing until the cigar is at its very peak…
Then the question arises:


An Unforgettable Experience
It is difficult to put Oro Blanco into words. Oro Blanco is unforgettably balanced, elegant and refined. We invite you to discover it for yourself. When you have found a moment special enough.
Oro Blanco is the rarest cigar Davidoff has ever crafted. It is in fact so rare, that even Davidoff does not know when its master blender will be ready to release more of these remarkable cigars.

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Davidoff Oro Blanco 10'S box close up

Davidoff Oro Blanco 10'S box

Davidoff Releases The 2015 Year of the Sheep


The Davidoff 2015 Year of the Sheep has just been released.  This is the third release in their tribute to the Chinese New Year.  Davidoff announced that The Year of the Sheep will be a 6 1/2 x 54 beliocoso, featuring an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, a Yamasa binder, and Dominican fillers.


The Davidoff 2015 Year of the Sheep is a medium bodied cigar offering hints of spice, chocolate, and coffee.  This highly aromatic belicoso is exceptioinally smooth, a reflection of Davidoff’s craftmanship.  Only 3,000 boxes of 8 cigars will be produced.

Davidoff offers, “As people rejoice in the dawn of a New Year, no one will look on with more contentment than the Sheep. To the Sheep, happiness is other people’s happiness. Generous of spirit, the Sheep loves to see their own love of life reflected in the faces of those around them as well as the objects and things which surround them. For the Sheep is an artist, an aficionado of beauty. Belonging to the element of Wood, the Sheep is a craftsman, fashioning a world of harmony and aesthetic pleasure. For Davidoff, the appreciation of craftsmanship which brings joy to others is what we seek to achieve with each New Year”.