Cigar Aficionado’s #3 Cigar of the Year!


Davidoff Nicaragua scores the #3 spot on Cigar Aficionado’s 25 Best Cigars of the Year.  This cigar received a ton of press and social media attention at launch that it doesn’t surprise us much.  Davidoff has been making great quality cigars for many years and it’s about time they get some recognition for it.  (Although those recent ads in the Cigar Aficionado magazine couldn’t have hurt either)  If you have tried the Davidoff Nicaragua, you may understand why it truly did deserve a spot on that list. It’s probably the smoothest Nicaraguan cigar I’ve ever had as well as the best looking Nicaraguan wrapper I’ve ever seen.

Davidoff claims that this new line was 10 years in the making. From what they have said, Nicaraguan tobacco only now meets their quality standards.  Their standards are high indeed.  After visiting their factory and one of their farms, Davidoff puts a lot of work into what they do and every one of their cigars has been passed through hundreds of hands throughout the entire process. (142 processes roughly) Creating a new line from a region of tobacco that they never used before puts a lot of pressure on them to make it just right. 10 years is a good amount of time to make something just right.

It has been exciting to see so many new things coming from Davidoff in the past year. Between the new entire Nicaraguan line and the various limited editions that poured out of their Dominican factory, Davidoff is hitting home run after home run.  Can they sustain?  I’m very happy to sit back and watch to see, while enjoying every new cigar they make and making my “time beautifully filled” as Davidoff would say.

Here’s a look at all of Davidoff’s releases in 2013:

Davidoff Nicaragua Line
Davidoff Master’s Edition 2013 Club House Toro
Davidoff Colorado Claro Anniversario #3
Davidoff of Geneva 25th Anniversary
Davidoff Madison Ave 25th Anniversary
Davidoff Year of the Horse 2014